Laser Engraving

We offer ..

..Laser engraving in a variety of materials.

Laser technology is a well-proven method for creating as much precision and accuracy as possible. The result will be sharp and precise according to your wishes. Unlike other methods that add material, the engraving does the opposite, it removes. How much and how sharply can we regulate manually and discuss it with you.
The laser beam can handle everything from straight and round shapes to more detailed photographs.

Advantages of laser technology:
-Touch-free labelling method.
-High brand quality.
-Traceability and protection against theft/copying.
-Environmentally friendly process.
Labelling with the same service life as the product.
We use CO2 lasers.

Materials what we can laser engrave:

  • Solid wood laser engraving
  • Plywood laser engraving
  • Acrylic plastic laser engraving
  • Natural and Faux leather engraving
  • POM / DELRIN plastic laser engraving
  • MDF laser engraving
  • Paper laser engraving
  • Cardboard laser engraving
  • Graflux plastic engraving
  • Glass laser engraving
  • Stainless steel laser engraving

If you don’t find your material in this list, contact us, maybe we can engrave it πŸ˜‰

That’s how it goes
The process is short and simple. If you have a finished product or logo, send it to us. We will return with a quote. Feel free to write the number and material in the quotation request. When the quote has become an order, we prepare the selected material for engraving and/or cutting and send it over to the laser machine. We handle all material manually and ensure the quality of the work throughout the process.
When your products are ready for delivery, we will contact you, either if you pick them up on-site with us, you want them delivered in the local area or if we send them. If your product is to be given away as a gift, we can also offer to wrap it. Our job is to make it as smooth as possible for you as a customer.