For your wedding.
We sell, as well as engrave and laser cut wedding decorations. We do not have a ready-made range, but we create the unique just for you.

Either if you arrange your wedding yourself or if you are a wedding coordinator, you are welcome to contact us. We do not have a standard range of wedding decorations, but we produce unique and personal just for you. The simplest is if you have a theme well thought out, we work based on it. A theme can be about a special colour or maybe where you chose to have your wedding. For example, if it is to be held in a barn, you may want a boho-inspired theme with a focus on wood and lace details.
Creativity is one of our strengths, so we are happy to help with ideas. We can engrave everything from invitation cards, glasses and bottles to the goodie bag the guest brings with them as a fond memory when returning home.
Examples of wedding decorations: Save-the-date cards, invitation cards, information cards, answer cards, envelopes, wedding programs, thank you cards, napkins with your own print, nameplates, guest books, glasses, cakes, etc.

Do you have wedding thoughts or are you a wedding coordinator? Contact us here.
Here’s how to order:
Get in touch with us by sending us thoughts, themes or suggestions and we will return with a suggestion. We do not have a ready-made range, but we produce the unique and personal just for you.
We will return with a quote within a few days.