Party Gifts

The party makes the guest..or?
We sell, engrave and laser cut party accessories. We do not have a ready-made range, but we create the personal and unique just for you.

The party makes the guest name it, and we think that’s true to some extent!
The guest also likes fun and thoughtful theme. Maybe you should have a Christmas party at work or a “Guess Who” party at home. Can it not be fun to invest a little extra in the decorations. We can help with everything from cut-out invitation cards and engraved glasses to the personal goodie bag.

Party in progress? Contact us today.
Here’s how to order:
Get in touch with us by sending a sketch, your idea, number and possibly logo to us and we will return with a proposal. We do not have a ready-made range, but we produce the unique and personal just for you.
We will return with a quote within a few days.